Feed your Soul

Carl Gustav Jung explained that when a person has a one-sided attitude, the unconscious often acts to balance life in the most disturbing ways. Suddenly, we become depressed and anxious, have strange dreams, lose motivation, and suffer from spurs of anger.

Hungry soul breads monsters. An unbalanced life causes mental health crises.

What is a one-sided attitude?

Imagine a person who works all day and spends much of the evening chasing money, status, and safety. This person ignores intrinsic needs, such as asking for a walk in a park, reading a good story, or spending time with a family.

On the other hand, imagine a person who lives only in a fantasy world, creating beautiful art but not concerned about money, politics, or the future. This person ignores the intrinsic needs for stability, good work, and predictable mealtimes.

The unconscious will emerge in both circumstances, trying to pull them more into the middle.

How do you prevent developing balance in your life? Feed your soul.


One: investigate your attitude. What is missing in your life? What takes the most time in your day? Your phone? Your work? Your daydreaming?

Two: listen to those small thoughts that you often dismiss. Maybe you wish to have a bath, read that silly book, go to the Zoo, listen to a podcast, do your taxes, clean your room, or tidy your cupboards.

Three: Do something opposite to what you usually do and see how you feel. For example, if you work all day, take a day for yourself. Whatever that means to you. Is it lying in bed and looking at the ceiling? Writing in your journal? Reading a book? Going for a walk?

If you do not work at all, write your CV, research how to perform well in interviews, and see if any free online courses can upskill you.

The surprising truth is that you know what is missing in your life and how to get there. I will not tell you what you should do; I can only give you a quick method to get there.

You are the captain of your soul.

You are the one who will cook the meal for your soul today—or starve it.


“The more compulsive the one-sidedness,

and the more untamed the libido which streams off to one side,

the more daemonic it becomes….” Carl Gustav Jung