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Whether you're stuck making a significant life decision, feel overwhelmed by your current circumstances, are hopeless or detached from your own identity or experiencing neurodiverse challenges, or perhaps you've reached breaking point, I help you find clarity and emotional balance so you can live the fullest life. Built on a philosophy of collaboration and empowerment, I enable you to manage your challenges and learn effective coping strategies to find hope and experience long-lasting change.

I use a range of integrative psychotherapeutic approaches so that together you can find a better way forward. Blending mind and body-focused healing approaches to help you connect better and be more present. Overcome trauma, anxiety and depression, anger, and relationship issues to increase clarity in decision-making, confidence, to self-esteem. Improve communication skills and the ability to set boundaries with friends, partners, family members or colleagues. Become a better version of yourself and be prepared for what is next in your life.

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By understanding the connection between your body and mind, you can transform yourself, your relationships and your life. I offer a safe and confidential space to work with whatever issues you raise, focusing on your needs and expectations without judgement. I draw on the principles of Gestalt, Person-Centred, CBT and Psychodynamic theory models. Together, we build the foundation of trust so that awareness, healing and transformation begin.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy, also known as 'insight-oriented therapy', revolves around the archetypes within the collective unconscious, the personal unconscious and the ego. This type emphasises the importance of building a solid connection and working partnership. I guide you to explore symptoms arising from past dysfunctional relationships, unresolved conflicts and the unconscious meanings and motivations behind problematic behaviours, feelings, and thoughts to change them effectively. Events in our childhood have a significant influence on our adult lives, shaping our personality and functioning as an adult.

The main goal of psychodynamic therapy is to help you develop self-awareness and understand how the past influences present behaviour. You are encouraged to speak freely and look for patterns in your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, desires, and fears. The theory is that by being open to vulnerability (by expressing feelings typically buried deep down into the subconscious), feelings can be processed, and defence mechanisms reduced or resolved. The critical core concepts are: the unconscious mind significantly impacts human behaviour and emotion. There is always a reason behind our behaviour. Childhood experiences influence adult thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Significant childhood experiences shape and develop our overall personality as adults.

Psychodynamic therapy helps those who feel lost or confused about why they behave like they do to make significant changes finally. You are guided through the examination of unresolved conflicts and significant events in your past, to uncover some of the ways you engage with the world, so you feel more empowered to make better choices in all aspects of life: personally, professionally and spiritually.

Person-Centred Therapy

Person-centred therapy, also known as client-centred therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that emphasises your subjective experience and your innate capacity for self-awareness and personal growth. Person-centred therapy helps facilitate your self-actualisation, helping you to develop your own solutions to your problems and reach your full potential as a person. You actively take control during each therapy session while as your therapist I act mainly as a guide or a source of support where you feel heard and understood. You focus on maximising your ability to find solutions during the therapeutic process, which encourages positive change within yourself.

I focus on your needs and listen to you while providing a conducive environment for you to make decisions independently without judgement. I reflect back your thoughts and feelings, so you become more self-aware to find your own answers and make your own decisions to change your behaviour through self-direction. Person-centred therapy enables you to eliminate the idea or feeling that external forces beyond your control influence you. The goals of this practice include increasing self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance, leading to improved emotional resilience and more meaningful relationships with others.

Person-centred therapy is an effective tool for managing difficult situations such as traumatic events. The therapy benefits those dealing with various issues, such as relationship problems, phobias, panic attacks, substance abuse, personality disorders, low self-esteem linked to depression, stress management, eating disorders, and trauma recovery.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a practical talking therapy that teaches you how to change your mindset, break negative thought patterns and stop harmful behaviours by focusing on the thoughts that triggered them. CBT works on the concept that our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are all interconnected and that negative thoughts and feelings trap us in vicious cycles of depression, anxiety or OCD. As a CBT therapist using a wide range of techniques, I teach you how to change your negative thinking patterns, improving your feelings so that you find practical solutions to everyday problems.

CBT combines two types of therapy to help you deal with thoughts and behaviours cognitive therapy examines the things you think and behaviour therapy examines the things you do. In CBT we work to identify and challenge negative thought patterns and behaviour. You might focus on what is going on in your life right now and you might talk about how your past experiences have affected you. Through exercises in the session as well as activities for you to do outside your sessions, I help you to develop coping skills. Here you learn to change your thinking, problematic emotions, and behaviour with an emphasis on the present rather than what has happened in the past. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions, so that you can manage your issues by changing how you think and act.


For many people with neurodiverse conditions, it can affect daily life in many ways. You might not understand what a 'normal' relationship is. You might struggle with a decision if you need a specialised assessment which could bring about feelings of inequality or sadness. You might be depressed because of your diagnosis or grieve about lost opportunities if your needs were unmet and support was absent.

You may be unable to tell your workplace that you are diagnosed with neurodiversity fearing being treated differently, for example, potentially being overlooked for promotion or training opportunities. You might struggle with your workplace rejecting requests for reasonable adjustments or perhaps getting in trouble with authority figures or work supervisors. Maybe you're unsure if you want to take medication because you are afraid of the side effects.

You might experience difficulty in making or/and keeping friends. Maybe you struggle with low self-esteem and live in abusive relationships or are depressed because of the feeling of always being outside the social group. Or feel rejected, neglected or mistreated by the adults responsible when you were growing up. I use a combination of CBT and Person-Centred therapy as an effective way to help with neurodiverse issues.

Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

For teens and young adults, life can be tricky, and the journey long. Identifying the right path can be bumpy. Coming of age is complex and complicated today. Relationships with friends, parents, and society are convoluted and confusing. Determining the course and quality of your life requires making critical life-altering decisions. As a teen or young adult, how do you even find your place in this world today? Finding your voice, beliefs, and the space to assert yourself is challenging. I offers a safe and non-judgmental place to help you traverse a more accessible path day-to-day.

Therapy for Adults

Life can get far too complicated, where you feel continually overwhelmed on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps you've reached breaking point and realised that life cannot continue on the same course. Pain comes in many guises; internally you feel despair, grief and anger. Externally you may feel hurt, suffering from isolation, conflict or shame. Whatever the circumstances of your journey, you have arrived at a place of healing as I help you focus on determining a path to your target destination of healing and wellness. I establish a deep connection in a gentle, safe space enabling you to talk openly and honestly while guiding you through your issues.

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