What did Amber say and what did you hear?
The Netflix documentary reminded me of how I felt watching the Deep vs. Heard trial today. I was highly uncomfortable. I was not shocked by the evidence – that I was disgusted by - but by the public response to Amber Heard. Unfortunately, it often mirrors the way the public sees domestic violence in general. […]
The power of breaks
Brakes are not just a pause in your working day. They are a source of rejuvenation. They separate us from unmotivated people, help us avoid feeling shuttered at the end of the day, and improve our productivity and creativity. Why are so many people against taking breaks and making them meaningful? The productivity lie tells […]
I call it basics
I was reluctant to write this entry for a long time because I doubted myself, thinking that maybe what I would like to say was too obvious. There is a steady stream of clients who make the same omissions repeatedly – so here we are. Let’s talk about what I call "basics". This entry will […]
Feed your Soul
Carl Gustav Jung explained that when a person has a one-sided attitude, the unconscious often acts to balance life in the most disturbing ways. Suddenly, we become depressed and anxious, have strange dreams, lose motivation, and suffer from spurs of anger. Hungry soul breads monsters. An unbalanced life causes mental health crises. What is a […]