How does therapy work?
Would you buy a service that does not specify a time limit, does not guarantee success, and promises pain and unpredictable results? The more clients I see, the more pressure I feel to fix any ailment quickly and painlessly. Often, I hear from positively-willed clients that they come to therapy to work hard on their […]
Everything I do…we are all selfish.
"Don't tell me it's not worth trying for You can't tell me it's not worth dying for You know it's true (you know it's true) Everything I do, I do it for you Yeah, yeah" We all probably remember Brayan Adam's theme song from the movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, with a fantastic Kevin […]
The Bare Minimum? – Antidote to burnout.
The smallest possible quantity or the least fulfilling, but still adequate, condition that is required, acceptable, or suitable for some purpose. The bare minimum. We are told that the bare minimum is something negative. “Your son is not doing well at school. To be honest, he is giving only a bare minimum to not get […]
You cannot feel things in your head – how to regulate your emotions.
When I was running emotional regulation workshops, I discovered that most children who had problems with emotional regulation could not name their feelings. Some of them could not locate the sensations in their bodies. They would say, “I feel it in my head”. You cannot feel things in your head. Some would say, “I feel […]