ADHD, ASD Diagnosis – an emotional journey
If you are thinking about seeking a diagnosis or have already received one and you are experiencing a complex set of feelings, read on. Equally, knowing what your dear one is going through might help manage your relationship if you are a partner or a friend of someone in this situation. Being diagnosed with ADHD, […]
How to start a task | guide for person with ADHD.
  This entry is not about developing and maintaining habits. It will give you some ideas if you need help with executive function, especially starting tasks, switching, stopping, and starting again. My ADHD clients tested many methods, and the most effective seem to be the ones mentioned. 1.      Control environment: when you have ADHD, […]
Executive function the key to managing ADHD
While working with ADHD clients, sooner or later, I hit the same roadblock, which is the most challenging obstacle to work with. Clients feel despair when talking about it. They crumble under the pressure of expectations paired with genuine inability. They would like to avoid working with the issue at any cost; however, they can […]
How to connect with your feelings – more on self regualtion.
There is no one minute a day that we do not experience them. Our bodies register them all the time. Why, then, do we know so little about them and are usually puzzled about how to regulate them? Emotional regulation is not an easy topic, but it is very needed when there is little time […]